Elsie's Digital Sketchbook

Art Bio

Growing up, I have always love to draw traditionally in my free time, from animals to most recently people. I made the transition to digital art when I bought my first pen tablet, the Wacom Bamboo Create in 2013. I upgraded to the Wacom Cintiq in 2016 and then bought an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil in 2018. Feel free to ask me questions related to drawing, software, and/or techniques!

Favorite Art Software

Paint Tool Sai

MediBang Paint

Study System Fan Art!

Fan art of one of my favorite Pokémon Arbok!

Jungle, Desert, and Sea

Animated GIFS


S2K v. Mustang 5.0

Gift for my brother.


Samus in Norfair

Tribute to the Metroid series.

Miscellaneous Pieces

Graduation cap for my sister!