University and Industry

Current Research Interests

Behavior, Evolution, Morphology, and Physiology of Semi-Aquatic Snakes

Prior Research Experiences

Summer 2018

Stanford University

Advisor: Dr. Will Gearty

  • Snake Habitat/ Reproductive Mode

Summer 2017

Stanford University

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Payne

  • Body Size in Bivalves


UC Berkeley

Advisor: Dr. Roy Caldwell

  • Mantis Shrimp Burrowing Behavior

Summer 2011

California Academy of Sciences

Advisors: Dr. Robert Van Syoc and Dr. Gary Williams

  • Barnacle and Coral Symbiosis


Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Advisor: Monica Albe

  • URAP
  • Museum Assistant II
  • Scientific Illustrator

Summer 2010

UC Berkeley

Dr. David Weisblat

  • Leech Development

Research Posters